CNPSDataChallengeTheoryThe biggest problem with scientific theory is that we spend our time teaching theory instead of the skill of critical thinking. This inhibits progress in science and turns it into a political and emotional endeavor instead of the pursuit of truth by examining data.

This brings us to the second biggest problem in science: peer pressure.  Peer pressure from professors and scientist value agreement more than truth. If you do not follow the party line scientifically, you are ignored or ousted.

Therefore, there are two major goals of the Natural Philosophers Community:

  1. To radically change scientific teaching to emphasize self-investigation, self study, and self-judgement of scientific data
  2. This includes abandoning blind acceptance of current theory as truth
  3. To allow for the natural selection of scientific theory including the acceptance of different theories for the same phenomena as normal and healthy for science
  4. To create world-wide local face-to-face meetups allowing everyone to participate in scientific discussion, not just the so-called “experts”
  5. To provide data, books, papers, presentations, and videos for meetups including alternative explanations, laws, and theories that are not taught in the mainstream
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