Martin Kokus Resigns from the NPA

Martin Kokus Resigns from the NPA

(Reported by David de Hilster, from Martin Kokus)

Dear members,

It is with deepest regrets that I am resigning the Presidency of the Natural Philosophy Alliance. I am also resigning from the Board of Directors of the NPA and I am resigning from the NPA. I am withdrawing my papers from the proceedings for the last conference. I am ending all cooperation with the current NPA Board.

I am more than willing to answer questions about my motivation in private communication.

I am truly sorry for any problems this may cause you, especially those of you who attended the last conference at my request. I am also feeling naive and foolish.

The main reason that I accepted the position on the NPA Board and then the Presidency is that I wanted to help publish some significant research that was being ignored. I will still do my best to see that these papers are published in a publication worthy of them. If I promised to edit your English, I will still do so wherever you decide to publish.

If I had any other reasonable course of action, I would take it. I am not asking anyone to take a position on my behalf or to take sides.

I still intend to push ahead with the 2017 eclipse project once I find a suitable sponsor. Hopefully, it will publish a compilation of papers before and after the eclipse.

The NPA was once a proud organization. Its members included Halton Arp, Franco Selleri, Earnest Sternglass, Paul Marmet, and Viv Pope. I had hoped to rebuild it. Some dreams are impossible.

Thirteen weeks ago Dr.Cynthia Whitney, the previous President, resigned and called for elections. She was far more optimistic than I. Five weeks ago, the Board Chairman resigned. Now, I join them.

I am more than ready to listen to advice.

Keep in touch,

Martin Kokus

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